Project Based Learning


About our Project Based Learning

Individual project based lessons take place between 9am-11am for children aged 8-13.

The ‘main lessons’ of the day are project based learning blocks that weave together physical, rhythmic, musical, practical and artistic activities with oral and written work. 

They are an artistic and integrated whole in which the specific curriculum content for a particular age group is brought to the children. Abstract concepts are brought to life and imbued with meaning. Learning is contextualised with the bigger picture.

In this way, students learn using: listening, re-telling, writing (and the necessary re-reading that goes with this), as well as creative/artistic impressions. Not only does this result in a more holistic approach to the information, but it also ensures better absorption by the student no matter what approach works best for the individual.

Each themed block lasts between 3-5 weeks. Children must attend for a whole block.

During the block the children will produce an individual project book. This is a creative, artistic culmination of the information presented throughout the entire block. It is usually made up of drawings, stories and summaries. Special attention is paid to making it aesthetically pleasing.

Through these beautifully presented projects each student is able to represent their individual personality, whilst creating their own “text book” to consolidate their learning.  

For a yearly schedule of these blocks click here.



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